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Martyrdom of Saheed Bhagat Singh

On 24 March 2022, History department of  HKMV Dhariwal organised a function to commemorate the Martydom day of Saheed Bhagat singh. The function was comprised of poetry, Speech, poster making, and slogan writing competitions. Students took active participation in it and received prizes in the above mentioned competitions. 
Poetry Competition : Ist: Sarika; 2nd Simranjit; 3rd: Manroop and Rukmani 

Speech Competition: 1st: Poonam 2nd: Shruti; 3rd: Harpreet 

Poster and Slogan writing competition: 1st: Simranjit kaur and Harpreet kaur; 2nd: Ramandee kaur and Rukmani; 3rd: Sandeep kaur, Harleen and Ruby


Posted on 24-03-2022